Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show Your Colors!!!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this posting (blog) are those of the author and DO NOT reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.
Recently, I became engaged in a conversation about the American flag and on which days it should be flown.  As an American and a member of the U.S. Army, I find it necessary to fly the flag every day.  But I was placed in the shoes of another when I was listening to the selected dates or occasions for flying the American flag.  I was rushed with different emotions and ideas.  I would like to share those with the community.
As an American, I want to proudly share my "Red, White, and Blue" on a daily basis.  I don't feel the American flag should be compared to that of my favorite sports team and only flown during a specific season or when the team is having a good year.  In fact, I feel even more compelled to fly the American flag when we are having an "off season", as many other Americans tend to do.  For about two years after 9/11 American flags were flown daily creating a sea of red, white, and blue across the United States.  But eventually, flags were removed and succumbed to the opening of football or basketball season.  I disliked seeing the fading of our pride due to the passing of time. I recently lived abroad for a year and a half and was amazed at the number of that country's flags being flown and proudly displayed on cars, homes, and shirts.  There wasn't a World Cup or the Olympics going on.  It was just an average day.  I wish we as a country were more colorful on an average day.
As a soldier, I know I am more likely  to hang an American flag outside of my home to brighten up the camouflage I wear each day and show pride in the country that I work and fight for.  But it shouldn't make me any more likely to fly an American flag.  I am still simply American, just like you.  And most flag flyers still have their football favorite right beside the American flag but at least they made room for "Old Glory".  I do feel that all military personnel should have a flag outside their home.  And I am pleased when I see a flag on the homes of those not affiliated with the military; just for the pride in their country.  I am even more pleased when we host international soldiers and they are proud to fly their home flags, just as they should.  And a majority fly theirs alongside the American flag, in consideration of their host country. A great thanks to those that do.
After 43 years of being an American and 25 years of serving in the United States Military, I want to express my sincere appreciation to those that proudly fly their American flags no matter what season it is or how good or bad we think America is doing right now.  I have lived abroad and, although I love to visit, America is my home. I encourage those of you to invest a minimal $10 at your local hardware store to buy a bracket, pole, and flag to proudly show that regardless of ongoing wars, a dip in our economy, or even the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring, that you are a proud American and you wouldn't want it any other way.
What are your opinions or comments? Am I asking too much from U.S. Citizens?